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Another fine day, and time for a special update once more. Yes we do have another massage parlor videos update but for this one we bring you two videos in one update. You see we had allot more material than expected and we just wanted you to see it. For the first one we have a slutty brunette with perky tits that puts her cock sucking skills on the line for the happy ending in the first video. The second isn’t any worse either as you’ll see. So don’t forget to watch that too everyone, you just have to see it.

See this sexy masseuse sucking a customer’s fat cock!

For our second part of this awesome and incredible video update, we have the blonde that had two other galleries here. For this one the sizzling hot woman with long flowing golden hair wants to show off that she can use her tits for massaging as well. So without further due, sit back and watch her too as she does one amazing tit job for the guy’s eager and rock hard cock in this afternoon. Like always we hope you enjoyed and we’ll see you again next week with more. Until then guys visit website and find similar videos!

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Massage Parlor Video – Satisfied Customer

Hey guys, another fresh week and time for one fresh update. We promised you a massage parlor video and we came to tend to that promise this time. For this one we have a guy from the far east as he wants to get a erotic handjob too. Well no problems there , as our ladies are about to do to him just what he expects from a masseuse. Namely a happy end after working out all those tensed and stressed out muscles from all over his body. Trust us our ladies are trained to do the exact same things as back at his home town.

So let’s just sit back and watch this woman working on his body today. She’s one of the mature ladies that we had here and also she’s very experienced with this sort of thing since we wanted to make one awesome impression on the guy for the very first session that he has here. So watch as the slutty mature does her job massaging his tense body today and then see her taking out his cock to work on that too. Watch her as she uses her expert hands on his dick to make him feel extra special today. See you next time everyone! For similar videos, check out the blog and see slutty Lexi getting wet and wild!

See this masseuse offerin a massage with a happy ending!

Oily Massage

The theme in this massage parlor update is a oil overload. This male client is simply super turned on by the sight of a woman that’s all oiled up for him. So after he lays on him back and waits patiently for the red headed beauty to finish up her massage, he is going to get a erosexotica treat. And namely that oil fetish that he was is going to be fulfilled. HE asked specifically for this lady since she knows how to play to her client’s desires and fetishes, and she wants to fully please and entertain him today.

So watch her as she also strips out of her clothes and grabs the oil lotion bottle to do just what the guy wants. She oils herself nice and good so she can start working on his dick too for this afternoon today. So without further due, sit back and watch her as she jerks off the dude to his pleasure today. Like always we hope you enjoyed and we’ll see you next week. Don’t forget to stay tuned though you won’t want to miss the next updates guys. We can safely say that we’ll have some surprises ins tore for you then. Bye bye!



Check out this hot masseuse offering an oily handjob!

Massage Parlor – Slutty Masseuse

This week massage parlor brings you one special surprise for the gallery. You see we have a new recruit in the female masseuse team and she needs to be broken in to the whole deal of the salon. So for today she’s getting her first client and she intends to impress. She didn’t really have skills at first, but she learned quickly and she’s about to get her final exam. Don’t worry she knows about the deal with happy endings and she also intends to do that too. She needs to prove that she can cater to a client’s every need today.

As she starts doing her massage at first the guy seems really pleased with her performance and the feel of those fresh and eager hands going up and down his body. Soon enough though, it was time for the happy ending to happen and this little slut wasn’t afraid to remove the towel that revealed his cock all nice and hard. So with that it was time for the horny little lady to start doing the other half of her job this time. Watch her jerk off the dude fast and hard in this gallery, and check back next week, we’ll keep them coming. Cum inside website and enjoy watching other super hot babes offering erotic massages.


See this chick offering a massage with a happy ending!

Hardworking Masseuse

Today’s massage parlor gallery update has one special woman that always works extra hard on her male callers to make the best impression that she can make with every job. For today she has a fresh guy that is going to sample her services and you can safely assume he’s going to be back again soon for more of this lovely woman. This cock sucking masseuse was recommended by the nurumassage salon as she’s always going down with force in her massages and happy ends, and guys are very much into a autoritary woman that isn’t afraid to take matters into her own hands.

Both figuratively and literally. So the guy got quite a shock as the sizzling hot blonde made her entry and started tow work on him pretty rough in the beginning, and when she was done rubbing his body, she removed his towel to reveal his cock. She wasn’t surprised that his dick was hard since this is what the little slutty woman wanted anyways. So then she removes her clothes as well, to the bafflement of the dude, but he soon goes with it and lets her have her way with his erect penis. So watch her work on his cock today and enjoy guys, or check out the teenfidelity site and see other beautiful chicks sucking cocks!


 See this sexy masseuse offering an incredible handjob!

Hot 69

The super sexy blonde that we had a few massage parlor updates ago makes one more return today to take care of another guy for your viewing pleasure. She seems to have been requested by a guy that usually gets his massages from her and today he wanted just that a busty blonde just like busty Veronika. The blonde had no qualms with the deal so she started getting ready for their session in this sexy afternoon. By the time she came in the dude was already on the table and waiting for her to start her work, and was he as eager as ever.

That’s just why she also always loves having him for massages, she finds the guy really entertaining and cute with his eagerness to see her and have those expert hands go up and down all of his body. She kind of has a thing for him, since she’s always ending her sessions with him with some very happy endings. For today for example, as she finished and started to work on his big cock , the placed her pussy over his face too so you can see them 69-ing in this gallery update today. Enjoy and see you with the next update. Bye bye!


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Massage Parlor Porn Madness

For this massage parlor porn update we have another hottie that’s going to show off her skills for your enjoyment today. She’s a fiery red head with one amazingly sexy body and a real passion for what she does, so you just have to see her today in this amazing gallery. She’ll leave you speechless. Like we said she has bright red hair and a very sexy body packed with a pair of perky tits and a ass and pussy that every guy dreams of. And she’s going to take care of the needs on one lucky guy today, so let’s see her at work everyone.

As the guy enters she introduces herself and she has him lying on his back like all her clients so she can get to start working on his tensed up body. The guy will be in for a treat as this lady is very sensual and tantric in her massages and happy ends at the end. HE didn’t really know what to expect but you can be sure that by the time that she was sucking his cock tenderly he wasn’t disappointed one bit. So watch the sexy woman as she sucks his cock for the happy end and see you next week with more. Bye guys! If you liked this update you can visit the website and enjoy watching some slutty milfs sucking and riding big dicks like crazy! Also you can click here and watch another beauty sucking cocks and getting screwed!


See this babe sucking a fat cock on the massage table!

Handjob Expert

This week’s massage parlor update is a rather special one. For this one we wanted to show off this incredible brunette that’s nicknamed the queen of hand jobs at the salon, and you’re going to see exactly why it is so. For the demonstration we had a guy that was really frustrated with his girlfriend’s poor knowledge of hand jobs, and he was about to experience a truly impressive session for just that done by the hot expert. She did also do him a regular nuru massage to get him all nice and un tensed and then she removed his towel.

Right from the beginning the slutty queen of hand jobs wastes no time in arousing him and talking dirty to him to get him more and more turned on. And when his soldier was standing at attention she grabbed his dick and slowly started to rub on it up and down continuing her dirty talk. So without further due, sit back and watch her as she eventually builds up momentum jerking him off fast and hard until he’s ready to blow his load all over the spot. WE hope you enjoyed and see you next week with more content guys.

masage-parlor-sexy-masseuse massage-parlor-sexy-masseuse-handjob

See this hot masseuse offering an incredible handjob!

Happy Ending Massage Parlor

For today’s gallery in the happy ending massage parlor we bring you one incredibly slutty and sizzling hot blonde with lightly tanned skin that sure knows how to do her job well and keep her clients happy every time. She is one of the hottest babes from the studio so she’s very requested even by newcomers as she generally likes to make a good impression for the fresh ones. Today she’s doing just that with this lucky guy as he also requested her out of curiosity. She’s also the top recommendation, and it’s not hard to see why actually. So for this one watch her as she does her thing.

The guy will surely be impressed with her skills is all that we wanted to say, but it seems that he was literally mind blown and, well blown in other ways as well by the end. The sexy blonde with big round and perky breasts didn’t waste any time doing her job, and during her regular massage she told him how things are going to go down and if he’d agree to it. Sure enough the guy couldn’t really believe his ears when she was telling him this. Seems that he needed a little bit of extra convincing, so she mounted him and started to jerk him off nice and hard. Also you might visit the blog and see some hot chicks getting wet and wild!


See this babe offering a massage with a happy ending!

Erotic Massage Parlor – Slutty Masseuse

In our erotic massage parlor today we had one guy that got treated like a king today. For his massage he had the opportunity to be massaged by a very hot and sexy masseuse named Anna. Looking at her she reminds me of my first sex teacher Shyla. She’s got long flowing brunette hair and a pair of big round breasts that will keep your attention on them for the duration of the whole thing. Trust us, she did say that guys always have trouble watching her in the eyes when they talk, and it’s not really hard to see why. Well the guy himself was really impressed and you bet that he was staring at her boobs the whole time.

Just like with the previous clients he’s asked to lay down on his back on the massage table so that our incredibly busty and sexy masseuse can start working on him properly. When he does so, she takes great care to work out the stress in the guy’s tensed up body that he built up through the week. She eventually makes her way down to his cock and when she does grab it, she is very gentle and caring with it. So watch as the lucky guy gets one awesome happy end from the busty masseuse today as she jerks him off nicely until he cums. If you can’t wait until the next week’s post, check out the mompov site and see some hot mommies offering amazing handjobs!

masage-parlor-masseuse-jerking-off-cock See this babe milking a fat cock on the massage table!

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