Erotic Massage Parlor – Slutty Masseuse

In our erotic massage parlor today we had one guy that got treated like a king today. For his massage he had the opportunity to be massaged by a very hot and sexy masseuse named Anna. Looking at her she reminds me of my first sex teacher Shyla. She’s got long flowing brunette hair and a pair of big round breasts that will keep your attention on them for the duration of the whole thing. Trust us, she did say that guys always have trouble watching her in the eyes when they talk, and it’s not really hard to see why. Well the guy himself was really impressed and you bet that he was staring at her boobs the whole time.

Just like with the previous clients he’s asked to lay down on his back on the massage table so that our incredibly busty and sexy masseuse can start working on him properly. When he does so, she takes great care to work out the stress in the guy’s tensed up body that he built up through the week. She eventually makes her way down to his cock and when she does grab it, she is very gentle and caring with it. So watch as the lucky guy gets one awesome happy end from the busty masseuse today as she jerks him off nicely until he cums. If you can’t wait until the next week’s post, check out the mompov site and see some hot mommies offering amazing handjobs!

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